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Aktiengesellschaft, Bund, Rochdale cooperative, affiliation, aktiebolag, alignment, alliance, amalgamation, assemblage, association, axis, band, bloc, body, body corporate, business, business establishment, cahoots, cartel, chamber of commerce, coadunation, coalescence, coalition, cochairmanship, colleagueship, college, collegialism, collegiality, combination, combine, commercial enterprise, common market, community, compagnie, companionship, company, complicity, comradeship, concern, condominium, confederacy, confederation, confraternity, conglomerate, conglomerate corporation, conjunction, connection, consociation, consolidating company, consolidation, consortium, consortship, consumer cooperative, contribution, cooperative, cooperative society, copartnership, copartnery, corporate body, corporation, corps, cotenancy, council, credit union, customs union, diversified corporation, economic community, engagement, enterprise, federation, fellowship, firm, fraternalism, fraternity, fraternization, free trade area, freemasonry, fusion, gang, group, grouping, having a part, holding company, hookup, house, inclusion, incorporation, industry, integration, involvement, joint chairmanship, joint control, joint ownership, joint tenancy, joint-stock association, joint-stock company, league, machine, merger, mob, operating company, partaking, participation, plunderbund, political machine, pool, public utility, ring, sharing, society, sodality, sorority, stock company, suffrage, syndicate, tie-in, tie-up, togetherness, trade association, trust, unification, union, utility, voting

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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